Posted by: kimberlysayre | June 10, 2010

Image Space

I tried to upload some pictures today, but apparently I’ve used up all my space. So now what?



  1. Buy more? Go to your dashboard and click on Upgrades to see the different amounts for different space upgrades. Or I’ll just tell you, because I’m helpful like that:
    5GB — $19.97
    15GB — $49.97
    25GB — $89.97
    50GB — $159.97
    100 GB — $289.97

    • I don’t want to have to pay for a blog. I guess I’ll switch back to blogger until my space runs out there or something. ha.

      • You can also upload your pictures to a photo website, like flicker, and put them in wordpress using HTML. It isn’t that hard; most of those websites give you the HTML code.

  2. That’s a good idea. I have a flickr account. Thanks, friend.

    • You’re welcome! Can’t go without my Peyton fix!

  3. That’s lame that you have to pay for more space. I’m pretty sure blogger doesn’t make you do that!

    • I think that Blogger does have space limits, too. The “problem” is that Kim’s pictures are such high-quality they take up a lot of file space. A picture from a digital camera usually is a fairly decently-sized file, but since she’s taking professional-quality pictures, the file sizes are MUCH bigger and kill the space sooner.

  4. Oh, I see.

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