Posted by: kimberlysayre | April 15, 2010

19 weeks

How far along: 19 weeks 1 day 🙂

Total weight gain/loss: 6 pounds

Maternity clothes: I’m wearing maternity pants, some maternity shirts and some regular shirts. Yesterday I went to Old Navy and got some maternity shorts, and a few loose fitting tops.

Sleep: I am still having to get up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom, but I’ve been falling back to sleep pretty quickly.

Best moment this week: Finding out the baby is a boy!

Food cravings: I guess hamburgers. They always sound so good.

Gender: boy

Movement: lots of it! It took 45 minutes for the tech to get all the baby’s measurements during my u/s.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing what Levi looks like! His 4d picture looked a lot different from Peyton’s, it was at a different angle.

What I miss: I’m feeling good, and not really miss anything.

Milestones: Giving our baby a name. Levi Thomas.

Before heading to the doctor on Tuesday. 18 weeks and 6 days.



  1. Yay for you, Cory, Peyton, and baby Levi!!! You look so cute, and I love that picture of you and Peyton. And dang girl, your hair is longer than I’ve ever seen it!

  2. you look great! i love the name you picked out for him! you will have so much fun with a boy. i craved hamburgers both pregnancies during my second trimesters… maybe it’s a boy thing!

  3. Cute pics! great name! And your hair…WOW! It’s longer than mine. Oh & your shirt is cute too. 🙂

  4. you have quite the mane. love the one of you and peyton. you love to grow babies.

  5. congrats on having a boy. i think it’s great. i really like the picture of you and peyton. super cute.

  6. I agree, your hair is super long. And that picture of you guys is soo cute.

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