Posted by: kimberlysayre | April 8, 2010


Peyton found a macaroni noodle on the floor and she called it a dirty vitamin (her vitamins are the gummy bear ones).

Two minutes after I put Peyton down for her nap this afternoon I heard her in her room saying, “good morning, good morning, good morning”. Sorry, kid, doesn’t work that way.

Yesterday when I was trying to get pictures of Peyton I kept telling her to go play because she just wanted to stay by me. She did for a few minutes, and then said, “don’t want to play”.

If I open the pantry or the refrigerator Peyton will look in it, and ask, “what you want?” like she’s going to fix me a meal or something.

Yesterday Peyton was walking without bending her knees and kicking her legs forward, and I asked her what she was doing, she smiled and said, “it’s funny? walking funny?”. I love that she already tries to joke around.

If anything sounds like a fart Peyton will say, “you tooted, mommy. hear it? you tooted.”. Funny at home but not so funny if there are other people around.



  1. I’m pretty sure my favorite is “What you want?” Your little Asian chef. I also think it’s great she’s funny, or tries to be funny, although who knows how that will go when she’s like 13 and being a stinker.

    When Charisse was little, she would walk up to Mel and say, “Mommy I houd [hold] you?” which mean, “Mommy, please hold me.” It was the best. She would also stand in her crib every day, yelling “Doh-doh! Doh-doh!” until Lursa came in her room. (We called Lura “Dog Dog.”)

    • Peyton also asks to hold me. It sounds like houd juice. Sometimes she gets it right, and says hold me. I remember Charisse calling Lursa “doh-doh”. I don’t think I actually heard her say it, but I remember you telling me about it. I can’t Charisse and Kayley are almost done with kindergarten!

  2. Me, neither. But I also can’t believe Peyton will be two soon! Four months… man, I wish you could have her party out here every year!

  3. I love that she says that when she hears a farting sound. Did you ever hear Kayley say “that was me tooting?”

    • No, I don’t think I ever heard Kayley say that. I was there for her “yaya” flower stage though. 🙂

  4. Oh yeah. That was pretty cute. We also used to stare at her and talk about when she would crawl, walk, etc. Oh to have one child again. So sad for the Cole. I was too busy to stare. Then all of a sudden he was crawling!

  5. I’m ready for a new post.

  6. HAHAHH!!! Love it! 🙂 Maybe Peyton will be the next Sandra Bullock. Wait..not the cheating hubby but the hilarious beauty. LOL 🙂

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