Posted by: kimberlysayre | April 6, 2010

ten on tuesday

1. Peyton’s picky eating is getting out of control. It’s a battle and not a fun one.

2. We’ve been having lots of fun playing in the water.

3. Peyton is in a bad mood today, and I think it’s because she’s hungry. She is refusing her oatmeal (which she used to love) because she wants cheerios. Ponyo seems to be cheering her up.

4. I’m not sure if I’ve complained about this before, but it really irks me that the city I live in doesn’t have crosswalks, and bike lanes. There aren’t even sidewalks everywhere. Way to promote healthy living…

5. Lots of birthdays coming up soon. My friend’s son’s 1st birthday is in 2 days, my little cousin’s in on the 11th, another one of my cousin’s is on the 12th, my mom’s is on the 13th, and Krista’s in on the 14th. That’s fun!

6. YaYa!!

7. Why is it so much harder to name this child than it was with Peyton? For those of you that have more than one kid was the second one harder to name?

8. Peyton still remembers all the signs she learned as a baby even though she hardly ever uses them anymore.

9. Does anyone want to come over and finish painting our trim, kitchen and hallway?

10. With warm weather come lots of fire ants. They’re already making their homes all over our yard. I’ll take the warm weather and deal with ants over the cold though. Cory’s crazy for loving winter the best.



  1. 1. I’m not a parent, but from what I’ve seen with other kids, give her a few options and if she refuses both of them, let her go hungry. Missing a meal or two won’t kill her, and she’ll realize what you give her is what she’ll get.

    2. I love that it’s warm enough for water play there!

    3. Charisse and I saw Ponyo for the first time. I laughed every time the mom talked because I was like, “Hello, Tina Fey’s voice in a Japanese woman’s body!” Charisse loved the song at the end, during the credits.

    4. That does suck.

    5. That’s a lot of birthdays in just a few days — and yay for one of them being mine!

    6. YaYa!

    7. Nothing.

    8. That’s great. Hopefully that means the next baby will be good with them, too.

    9. Sure. I’ll fly out right now.

    10. Cory is crazy. I hate the cold.

  2. sean is very picky too. i mean it’s pretty ridiculous. we were concerned because he wasn’t eating anything but the dr said it was fine. our rule is he has to eat one bite of something and if he doesn’t like it we will make him a pb&j. most nights he would rather go to bed hungry then eat one bite. the stinker.

    nolan was easy to name. when we first got married we immediately picked 2 boy names and 1.5 girl names (ha! we have a middle name but not a first name for a potential 2nd daughter) so it wasn’t too hard for us šŸ˜‰

    • Peyton doesn’t like peanut butter. Craziness! Now I’m curious about your girl names. šŸ™‚

  3. Fire ants are the worse! I fell in an ant whole when I was 3. I remember it like it was yesterday and it totally sucked!!!

    I’m with Peyton…Peanut Better = YUCK!

  4. Remember when we all got bit by red ants when we were in El Salvador?

    • HA! Yes, and Hillary pulled her skirt up over her head and ran away during a program.

      • God bless the dirty bike shorts.

  5. i don’t regret that one bit. i think i ran all the way back to the bus and mr. dave was laughing at my foolishness.

    • Daddy Dave.

  6. 1. Addie doesn’t want to try new things. She lives on Mac & Cheese, tortillas, and PB&J.
    7. So much harder to name this baby. We had Adelynn’s name picked out before we were even trying to have kids!

  7. Yes, it is harder to pick out the 2nd kids name. I remember having a list and “mulling” the name over and over in my head and using it in different situations to see it I would like it. Luckily, Riley was my first try! It just never seemed like the names on the list could ever belong to a child of mine, just someone else! Love all of the pictures!!

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