Posted by: kimberlysayre | March 30, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Today is Cory’s birthday. Happy birthday to him!

2. I have a nice new zit forming on my chin just in time for Easter. yay!

3. Peyton is getting pretty good at eating cereal with a spoon.

4. Whenever Peyton goes in to the playroom or her room and is very quiet I always fear for the worst. But I always find her chilling with a pile of books. Good for her!

5. Daragan loves Peyton’s new sandbox. It’s very irritating.

6. Last Saturday we played a mean game of Chinese tennis with an exercise ball. It was tons of fun! The tops of my ankles are still sore.

7. I have a lot of fun things coming up, going lots of places: Orange Beach, wedding in Clearwater, California, and Memphis.

8. I wasn’t planning on getting a double stroller when the new baby comes, but now I’m thinking I’d like a double jogging stroller. Does anyone have any recommendations?

9. I love picking Peyton up from the nursery. She is so happy to see us. As soon as the worker picks her up from her room she is saying, ‘bye, bye”. Last week she blew the worker a kiss, and say, “bye. I wuv you”.

10. Peyton’s room is almost done. I don’t know when I’ll finish it so I thought I’d just post pictures now. AHHH!!! My computer froze. 😦 I wrote all the things i was still going to change in Peyton’s room, where I bought the stuff, etc. I don’t have the patience to rewrite it. boo. Oh well.

I’m hoping to find a big oval mirror at the thrift store.

I just threw this up here. It was a decoration from her 1st birthday party. Cute at a luau, not so much in a bedroom.



  1. I love that the banner from her party is still in use! You should get them laminated so they will last longer.

    Also, where the fishnet thing is, you should hang a piece of string on the wall (make sure it’s there securely). Then, as Peyton draws you pictures, you can clip them to the string with the clothespins! (But I do like the fishnet there as well.)

  2. Haha. I always know that if Jordan goes in to a room and she’s too quiet she’s pooping. I’ll go in and she’ll be hiding in the closet and she’ll pop out and say “Hi” and I know. The refinished dresser came out nice I love that color, and I love that you used the fishing net from her BDay 😉

  3. I love the way the dresser and night stand turned out. The color is awesome and I love the hardware. Her room looks great, Kim! What’s the plan for baby’s room?

    • They’re going to share. We didn’t move Peyton into her crib until she was almost 6 months old, so we’ll see… I’m going to have to do some rearranging to put the crib in there. We’ll just put the changing pad on the dresser.

  4. The room looks WONDERFUL!

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