Posted by: kimberlysayre | March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

1. Yesterday’s weather was so nice! Peyton spent all afternoon playing in the backyard.

2. Our backyard looks like a giant sandbox. Hopefully grass will start growing soon!

3. This morning I couldn’t find Peyton’s paint brushes so I gave her q-tips to paint with. She had paint streaks all over her cheeks from trying to put the q-tips in her ears. :/

4. I think my morning sickness is officially gone! I have felt pretty good these last 2 weeks.

5. Last saturday we looked at some vizsla puppies. They were SO cute! It’s a good thing our tax return hasn’t come yet because I’m pretty sure one of those puppies would be in our house right now.

6. Daragan is so good with Peyton

7. I bought a huge bag of m&ms to give Peyton while she was potty training. Potty training lasted 3 days, and there are only a few handfuls left. Cory and Peyton aren’t eating them…

8. There is a cat that keeps coming into our yard. I saw it trying to get into our shed yesterday. It better find itself somewhere else to go.

9. Peyton’s new quilt.

10. We only bought the quilt, pink sheets and one throw pillow. I’m sure while my parents are here I’ll get a couple more pillows and a bed skirt. I’ll post pictures of her room when it’s done.



  1. Cats are evil.

  2. And I love that she’s sitting on the dog!

  3. On second viewing of this post, I must say I’m surprised by the quilt. It looks like something you would make fun of me for liking when we were teenagers.

    • Yeah, I’m not super in the love with the quilt, but I do like it. It was definitely the best thing for the price. We got it 40% off. It looked way cuter on the display bed because they had two different color comforters under it, and a ton of cute pillows, plus the bed skirt.

  4. ha steph, we always said you would dress your kids in ugly clothes. like big floppy hats and such. funny because you never did.

    • No, she never did, and I bought all the hats, and I love them!!! Her kids ended up in camo and american flag attire. 🙂 You never think about the budget you’ll be on and the clothes other people will buy when picturing how your kids will dress.

  5. Lol. I almost bought J that bedding, I’m in love with the stuff we got her though. Very cute.

  6. for some reason, i feel like daragan got a lot darker. weird. also, you need to get rid of that cat. it’s probably bad news.

    • She looks weird because of the flash. She does get darker in the winter, but it usually just looks redder.

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