Posted by: kimberlysayre | February 24, 2010

I did it… and an update.

I converted Peyton’s crib this morning. She loves it, and didn’t try to get out once when I laid her down for her nap. Go Peyton! I hope tonight goes just as smooth. You can’t really tell it’s set up like a toddler bed, but here’s a couple of  pictures:

Peyton slept for 2 hours. Woo hoo! When I heard her awake this is what I found:

I’m not sure if you can tell, but she was reading to her bear!! Oh my gosh, could she be any more adorable! I love her. Especially on days like today when there haven’t been any tantrums and a new milestone is reached with ease. 🙂 Oh and she totally just peed in her little potty. She didn’t realize she did though, but started laughing at me because I was jumping up and down. She woke up dry, so I sat her on her potty while she watched a movie.



  1. Awesome! I took Kayley’s side off the crib and she didn’t get out either. I love lil Peyton and she’s getting so big!

  2. I love how kids look when they first wake up, all rumpled and red-faced and sweaty. Will you get a her a big-girl bed when the new baby comes?

    • Yeah, we’re going to get her a twin. I just haven’t seen bedding I love as much as her crib bedding so I’m in no hurry. ha. Is it horrible that I don’t even know where the u/s pictures are? 😦 oops. I was only 7 weeks when I got it done, so it’s not much to look at.

  3. PS I’m pretty sure you need to post an ultrasound picture!!

  4. Go Peyton!

  5. Woohoo! That’s awesome Kim, big girl bed and potty training daaaang.

    I so know what you mean about finding bedding we like more than their baby bedding. I found my winner last night randomly, I don’t LOVE LOVE it but my likeness for it is high. I’m sure I’ll fall for it when I actually redo her room.

    Did you put a side rail up for Peyton? I ask cause I couldn’t see one…

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