Posted by: kimberlysayre | February 18, 2010

18 month well check

I love our pediatrician’s office. All of the nurses are so sweet, and gush over Peyton. I’m sure they gush over all of the kids, but they really make you feel like your child is the favorite. When we first got there Peyton started crying, but as soon as the nurse started talking to her she calmed down, and said hi to everyone that walked by. She is perfectly healthy weighing 25 lbs (75%) and measuring 32 1/2″. I can’t believe she has gained 4 pounds in 3 months. Ha!

The doctor said Peyton is very bright and verbal for her age, really social, anal retentive, probably ready for potty training and will probably be a perfectionist. She was also impressed with the fact the Peyton knows a lot of shapes and colors. Of course when I was pointing out colors and asking Peyton what they were she said, “geen” to everything. ha. Overall it was a really good appointment.

It’s suppose to be 60 on Sunday, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking pictures of Peyton. She looks hilarious today. Her shirt is too small so her belly is poking out, and she wanted to wear her snow boots. She looks very “special”. I could change her shirt, but eh.



  1. what did the dr mean that she is anal retentive?

    • I guess because she freaks out when she has to poop. She holds it, and tries to control the situation. I’m sure she’s going to love me when she’s older for telling the world about her pooping habits.

  2. ah i see. she will love you for it. tell her to let live and let go of those poops.

  3. OMG is hilarious Kim, I actually LOLed. Derek is looking at me funny now…Ha! I’ll be making Jordan’s 18 month check up next week…

  4. hahahahaha. should not use the word anal retentive for someone who holds their poop.

  5. or maybe the doctor was making a joke and you didnt get it.

    • No, she said, “I’m serious”. Sounds spot on to me. Here’s the definition.
      anal-retentive Psychoanalysis
      (of a person) excessively orderly and fussy (supposedly owing to conflict over toilet-training in infancy).

  6. is she excessively orderly?

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