Posted by: kimberlysayre | December 1, 2009

ten on tuesday.

1. Getting back in to the swing of things. Last week was crazy busy.

2. We spent Thanksgiving with the Sayre side of the family in Louisiana. We had lots of fun eating, playing games, eating, hanging out, eating… I didn’t take very many pictures at all. :/ The few that I did take though:

such a lady.

a super great family picture. :/

3. We went to New Orleans on our way home.

there’s nothing quite as beautiful as a nice pair of shiny gold teeth!

4. We had to put the baby gate up in the hall because Daragan kept jumping in bed with us. Apparently she really missed us.

5. I feel like we’re busting out of the seams of our house.

6. So far there are only like 5 houses with lights on them in our neighborhood. I hope more people put some up this weekend. I love Christmas lights.

7. One of Peyton’s favorite things to do is stand up on her car.

feeling so accomplished and free.

8. I need to buy stamps so I can mail out our Christmas cards.

9. I’m excited about seeing the Christmas play at our church this weekend. We’ve lived here for 3 years and I have never seen it.

10. I’m ready for 24 to start up again. I hope it’s better than last season.



  1. I know she has her moments, but Peyton always just looks like she’s a generally happy kid. Loves her.

  2. i like the one where she is sitting like a lady, and the one where she’s standing on her car. and the black guy on his head with gold teeth. thank goodness you are back to the blog world, i was feeling out of touch.

  3. Lol Awesomeness 😉

  4. awesome gold teeth pic! Bailey always stood on her car like that too….so funny! I’m super excited about 24….i wasn’t going to watch it & have been thinking for months i wasn’t excited until i saw a commercial for it…..i’m totally excited now! lol!

  5. i kept checking your blog and there were no updates so i almost gave up. i need to get rollin on mailing christmas cards out too. no one wants a christmas card after christmas.

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