Posted by: kimberlysayre | October 25, 2009


Yesterday Holly, Daniel and Tony came over. We planned on watching the Angels dominate the Yankees but the game got rained out. 😦

We decided to go to the park and have our own little baseball game.

Walking to the soccer field.


IMG_3473 copy

Holly and Juneau.


Notice her hand?

full hand



We were only at the park for like 10 minutes before we were told the dog could not be on the fields. Oh well, so much for an evening of baseball. We went home and found other ways to amuse ourselves. Tony cutting our grass with Cory’s sword…nice.



Holly and Daniel.


Sporting her Angels’ jacket… too bad the game was cancelled.


Tony cooking turkey burgers.



Juneau giving Dargan a kiss.


We had fun even though baseball didn’t work out. We ended up watching Mr. Holland’s Opus. An inspirational film is always a good time. I had a lot of fun playing with Juneau, Holly and Daniel’s husky, but now I know I do not want a puppy for a very long time…. super cute, but a lot of work!

The Angels are playing tonight… hoping for a win!



  1. peyton is so cute in her angels jacket… would be even cuter in a dodgers one 😉 LOL

    we had birmingham metro masters commission at our church this weekend and made me think of you cuz one of the guys that stayed with us is from… that’s where you live right?

    • sorry I edited your comment, but yeah, that’s where we live. I don’t know any of the kids in masters. 😦 We go to the church that they’re out of though. How fun! I miss being in masters.

  2. “tony smashing turkey burgers with the broken lid of the grill” is more like it.

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