Posted by: kimberlysayre | October 13, 2009

ten on tuesday

1. Yesterday Peyton was in a really angry mood. She wasn’t whiny or fussy, she was just mad. It wasn’t the entire day, but all through out the day. When she woke up from her first nap she didn’t want me to talk to her, and every time I said, “good girl” she would hit something or try to hit me.  Though I thought it was hilarious I didn’t let her know. I’m quite certain that it wouldn’t be hilarious in a couple of years.

2. She’s very happy today.

3. I’m now watching a 2 1/2 year old little boy a couple of days a week.

4. This morning Peyton got her soccer ball off the shelf all by herself and started kicking it. I’m so proud.

5. At this very moment Peyton is spinning in circles.

6. I have a ton of pictures I want to print, so many favorites. This is a favorite.


7. I love that Peyton hums while she dances.

8. Digory has a new home. We had an ad on craigslist for 3 weeks, we got a lot of calls, but no one ever actually came to see him. No one we knew wanted him, so Cory took him to the pound on saturday. He asked that they please call us if he didn’t get adopted. They called a few hours later letting us know that Dig had already been adopted! Wow! I’m so happy for him. I do miss him at times, but he was bored here, and not getting the attention that he needed. Life for me is much calmer. Daragan doesn’t seem to miss him at all. They also told us where the people lived. It’s a country town where most of the houses have a lot of land. I’m pretty sure he is having a ton of fun, running around, chasing quail. So there is our dirty laundry. We had to take our dog to the pound. Judge if you must, but it really was the best thing for him and our family.

9. I always get stuck on number 9 even when I haven’t done a “10 on Tuesday” in weeks.

10. How about one more Tinkerbell picture




  1. Cole has days where he gets really mad. Sometimes it’s funny, most of the time not. I bet it’s crazy cute when Peyton does it. It’s one of those times as parents when we have to turn the other way, smile and then turn back with a serious face and tell them to knock it off. Lol, you’re deep into parenthood now!

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