Posted by: kimberlysayre | September 3, 2009

Not to Spoil This Year

Peyton looks so adorable in her new halloween costume, and I’ve been dying to post pictures, but Halloween is still almost 2 months away. So I’ve done something greater. Last night I was going through a bunch of Peyton’s old clothes and toys, and pulled out last years costume. Total photo shoot opportunity! Luckily for her it’s not too hot today. 🙂

First let’s take a look at last year.

She wasn’t really a fan…


Couldn’t sit up on her own…


She had to be carried to and from the house…


This year, even a month a half earlier than last year…

She thinks being a skunk is pretty great!


“Lil’ Stinker”…you most certainly can be!


Sitting, standing…


… quite capable of running (more like toddling) away.




  1. I love how chubby her little face was! I love the one of her grinning.

  2. so weird to see pictures of her walking. just because i’ve never seen her do it in real life. i don’t like when they learn things when i am not there to see. tell her to please stop growing.

    • Do you want to come for the weekend in when Krista is here? I’ll give you 50 dollars towards it.

  3. Oh kim, offering $50 left and right.

    I love that first one of her big. So darn adorable. I’ll give you $50 dollars to have another baby so I can live vicariously through you.

  4. Lol cute ! I love that her costume from last year fits her THIS year lol. I think Jordan is gonna grow out of the one I got her before Halloween, I prolly end up having to get another one. Ooops on me 😉

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