Posted by: kimberlysayre | July 27, 2009

Haven’t Done Much

Just a few pictures from this morning. Peyton and I both have colds. 😦 It’s her first time being sick, but she is acting fine. I don’t know if she actually does have a cold or if her nose is just runny from teething. I took these this morning while she watching Sesame Street. Her eyes look a little sick though, huh? I was having a hard time uploading pictures. I’ll try to get some more posted soon.






  1. awe, she look so cute. im glad she’s watcvhing sesame street.

  2. i love her.

  3. Does she have that shirt in two sizes? I swear she wore that when she was littler. She’s so cute with her little hair clip.

    • She did wear it when she was littler. She’s been wearing the same size since she was 5 months. 🙂 It’s the same shirt.

  4. Ha, that’s awesome.

  5. Kayley still has hers in blue. We should totally do a photo shoot.

  6. She looks so cute grinning in that tiny chair.

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